Mother’s Day Birth of Blog

My mother instilled in me the desire to write. She has always had the ability to weave words into illuminate the darkest perspectives often overlooked. Her greatest magic is the ability to see everyone, especially the overlooked. Shining her certain ray of light into a shadier spot. Not only does she do this with humans she meets, she also does this from afar using her acute ability to see perspectives. From neighbor disputes to global tensions, my mama has the awareness to really understand all the points of views. She is truly gifted with a level of emotional intelligence that I wish more humans had. I also see her do this level of investigation into the depths of her own psyche. Interestingly, not many have been able to really hear the beauty of her word smithing since English is not her strongest language. I dedicate this blog to her and the mothers in my lineage who were also unheard.

Graciously, I have received the gift of gab from my mother.  That mental inquisitiveness that meets emotional expansion has been something I gravitate too. Journaling throughout my life I have grown in that area particularly. Often times when I talk about this growth with friends and clients they encourage me to post my journaling online.     After almost a decade incubating the idea, this is my very first blog post. I find it liberating that the egg finally cracked on Mother’s Day; a day that has so much significance for me today as well as a day that has been a marker for some heavy times in my life.

Serendipitously, much of what I will be writing about will be connected to motherhood and the feminine; Birth, rebirth, sex, sensuality, dance, family, childhood wounds, pagan goddess worship, gardening, beauty, love, relationships, health and self care. Yup, the juicy stuff. The deep stuff.  I feel many of us are going through journeys of struggle. I share my reflections so they may help add clarity during dark times.


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